cemented carbide rods,tungsten metal rods,Cemented Carbide

cemented carbide rods,tungsten metal rods,Cemented Carbide are widely used for high-quality solid carbide tools such as milling cutters, end mills, drills or reamers. It can also be used.

Chinese Tungsten Prices Stabilize on Low Trading Activity

Analysis of latest tungsten market from ChinaTungsten Online

Opening this week, Chinese tungsten prices keep stable compared with last week. Average tungsten prices from Ganzhou cemented carbide tool Tungsten Associations and forecast prices for earlier zhuzhou cemented carbide November from large enterprises will soon be released and thus the whole market is caught in wait-and-see atmosphere. 

The decline in prices eased pressures of funds in raw material side and high stocks, while terminal demand continued to be weak. The whole trading activity was low. Under the environmental protection, insiders show differences in outlook expectations. Market transactions are expected to hover at the low level of price range.

Prices of tungsten products on Nov. 06, 2018

Picture of tungsten powder

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Sell Your Second Hand Chopper To A Bike Dealer!

If you are planning to sell your chopper you need to look for a medium where you will advertise and the bike will be sold without much effort. Newspaper advertisements are no longer that effective. And you will not advertise about your chopper in the audio-visual medium. So what other option do you have? What do you think of online portals where you can advertise about any item and buyers from far and near can check them as per their convenience? These portals are quite effective as they let you create an account free of cost.
All that you need to do is upload images of the chopper from different angles so that your prospective buyer can check them out properly. Once any buyer likes the chopper, they can contact you and you can sell your bike to them. Easy and simple, isn’t it?
There is another solution that you can try out. Why don’t you contact bike dealers directly? Do you know that there are many bike dealers out there who purchase choppers and tungsten carbide then customize the bike completely before putting up the custom Choppers for sale? Yes, there are many such bike dealers. And the best part about these bike dealers is that they pay a good amount for the bike. They are not like the other buyers who will hassle and negotiate before shelling out the money. If your chopper is in good condition, the bike dealer will pay the quoted amount. There is no need to wait for any buyer to approach you. The waiting period is not there. You contact the bike dealer directly and sell off the bike on spot. It is hardly a days work and your bike is sold, whereas with the other options you have to wait and then negotiate with the amount as well.
Find out which are the leading bike dealers in your city who are willing to buy second hand choppers in good condition. Tungsten Carbide Plates Make a list of the popular ones and collect their address. Visit the showrooms one after the other to show your bike. Sell your bike to the one that fits the requirement and you are good to go. There are many people who have sold their bikes like this. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and contact the bike dealer today and discuss out the details without any more delay.

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FGI Licenses Tungsten Carbide to Thorsten Jewelry

Tungsten carbide material license for Thorsten Rings, LLC (Thorsten Jewelry), a men's wedding band wholesaler based in Long Beach, California is released by Frederick Goldman, Inc. (FGI). Thorsten is FGI's newest licensee of the patented material, according to Press Releases.

Thorsten Jewelry is a cutting-edge brand specializing in wedding bands for both men and women. Alternative metals have changed the jewelry industry, increasing in popularity and demand nationwide. Frederick Goldman, Inc. is the exclusive licensee of Trent West Tungsten Carbide (US Patent No. 6,928,734), which is valid until August 23, 2023. FGI reserves the right to add other licensees at its discretion. Only those licensed Zgcc Cemented Carbide licensees can sell tungsten carbide wedding rings on the market.

Over the past decade, Frederick Goldman, Inc. has also established its unique patent portfolio for coatings and building processes. In 2015, FGI launched Triton's white tungsten carbide, which obtains its color by applying a patented nanotechnology multilayer coating on metal surfaces. The proprietary coating process is specifically designed to enhance color and provide additional protection and durability to extend the life and gloss of coated products. This patented coating has a high degree of scratch, rust, abrasion and fade resistance, and is designed to continue.

Frederick Goldman Inc. is also in a multi-piece patent for a structure with a nearly seamless design that combines contemporary metals with precision-machined 14K gold. This design allows for a perfectly smooth fit inside the ring, which is superior to any product offered by competitors. The patent application covers the use of tungsten carbide in the Frederick Goldman, Inc. portfolio as well as all other precious and contemporary metals. The licenses from Frederick Goldman Inc. released to Thorsten Jewelry is a great meaning for the Thorsten Rings.

The latest content of the Frederick Goldman, Inc. patent application is a patent application for a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating component on a men's ring. DLC is a carbon-based coating with diamond characteristics, commonly used in luxury watches, and has higher toughness, protection, and adhesion than traditional PVD coatings, and is a high-end performance tool. FGI uses nanotechnology to create a hybrid multilayer process to apply a DLC coating (patent pending). This coating helps to minimize overall corrosion and Cemented Tungsten Carbide abrasion resistance while maintaining luxurious weight and comfort.

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